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We’ve got more than just baseball card templates, we’ve got soccer, basketball and football too!

Vintage Looks from Classic Eras

Now you can step back to the past with these retro card designs. Just add your favorite photos, text and colors for an instant classic! Bubble gum not included.

Customizing is a cinch!

Need help customizing your cards? Our video tutorials will guide you through the customization process so you can create the perfect trading card. 



Card Shop

Welcome to the SCT card shop. Here you’ll find all of our trading card templates. We’re adding new designs and sports all the time so check back often. Don’t see something you want? Drop us a line and we’ll see if we can make it happen for you. 

  • sports-card-templates

    Classic Baseball Card

  • sports-card-template-baseball

    Force Baseball Card

  • sports-card-templates-football

    Gridiron Football Card

  • sports-card-template-baseball

    Light Wave Baseball Card

  • sports-card-template-retro-card

    Retro 50s Baseball Card

  • sports-card-template-retro-card

    Retro 70s Baseball Card

  • sports-card-templates-retro-80s-card-featured-image-front

    Retro 80s Baseball Card

  • sports-card-template-retro-card

    Retro Baseball Card

  • sports-card-templates-soccer

    Retro Soccer Card

  • sports-card-templates-soccer

    Stealth Soccer Card

  • Torque Baseball Card

  • sports-card-templates-010

    Vortex Basketball Card


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The Game Has Changed

Sports Card Templates offers quality designed sports card templates for your team, league or athlete. We offer a wide variety of sports, styles and designs, all fully customizable. Whether you’re a designer, photographer, parent or just a fan, we’ve got everything you need to create beautiful trading cards and lasting memories.

Fully Customizable

All of our files are fully customizable, with color-coded layers to make customization a breeze. Choose your own colors, text and effects to create the perfect trading card

Dynamic Data

Use Dynamic Data Sets to change player information quickly and easily

Google Fonts

All files feature free Google fonts, meaning you can recreate all of the elements without having to purchase additional fonts

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